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Road Bikes, also sometimes called "racers," are an increasingly popular form of cycling worldwide. They are designed to for multiple uses; because they are lightweight and fast, you can use them for racing, covering long distance trips, or even daily commuting.

Australia has plenty of long distance back roads and trails. Road Bikes come in different categories and there's always one that can be used for the various roads found in Australia. Bikes in the "road" category are used on long open trails; riding by yourself, or with a friend, and enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery. Mountain bikes are used for hills and off-roading. They are designed to handle the changing landscape and rugged paths.

If you need to commute or ride to school or work, there are bikes for that as well--specifically urban bikes. These are just some of the categories of road bikes available. There is a for any need you may have.

Green Technology Revolution

With the recent green technology revolution, there are increasingly more environmentally-friendly home design options. In particular, the production of glass tile and glass tiles has become much more green in the last few years. Leading manufacturers of glass tile mosaics expend much less energy in production and use a high percentage of recycled glass. A new fusing method called "cool firing" allows manufacturers to produce glass tiles at 800 degrees Celsius instead of 1400 degrees Celsius. For those in the market for new glass tile for their bathroom or kitchen, please consider supporting an environmentally conscious manufacturer.

Keep in Shape During The Biking Off-Season

Those who live in northern climates with four seasons tend to lose the ability to go biking outdoors due to inclement weather. Snow and cold means putting the bike up for a few months while physical condition is slowly lost. There are those who don't want to sign up for a gym membership, then have to pay for it and not go while the biking season is in full swing. The best solution is to bring in home exercise equipment to help stay in condition.

There are pros and cons to purchasing , such as cost and space consumption. A good exercise bike can run into the four figures. The trade-off here is not having to pay for a gym membership that doesn't get regular use and the ability to exercise in the privacy of one's own home. For many, the convenience of exercising at home is worth the price of entry. No having to share shower stalls with other gym members, no having to lug in clothes and no dealing with crowded locker rooms.

The downside to having home exercise equipment is dedicating space to one piece. Manufacturers have been making exercise equipment that folds away for some time, so consider seeking them out first.

Staying in shape during the off-season means getting a head start when it's time to get back on the bike. Being in better condition means less fatigue and stress.


Racquetball Fitness

It might seem hard to believe that there are over two hundred different racquetball racquets on the market today, but when factoring in the variety of options considered in racquet design, it becomes less surprising. Certainly, there are many choices of other types of racquetball gear (racquetball shoes, racquetball goggles, racquetball clothes), but the most important piece of equipment is the racquet itself.

When searching for the right racquet, some factors to consider are age and strength of the player as well as level of ability. Older or less experienced players might find a heavier racquet easier for producing the proper force, while younger or more experienced players might produce greater force using a lighter racquet.

Some of the many things taken into account in designing racquetball racquets are weight, balance point, shape of the frame, frame stiffness, and string pattern/tension. Shop until you find the combination that is right for you.

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July 7-11: Free Bikes
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Public Presentations of Bike-Share Projects:

July 9, 6pm: Richard Grasso from Clear Channel Adshel on Barcelona, Stockholm and Oslo

July 10, 6pm: Josh Squire from JC DeCaux on Paris, Lyon and Vienna; Carlos Pujol from Cemusa on Pamplona


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